GTA Online Playing Cards locations

GTA 5 released a massive GTA Online update this week, with Rockstar Games finally opening the doors to the Diamond Casino & Resort.

Of course, this meant a whole plethora of things to do, play and buy.

New GTA Online cars, penthouses, missions, clothes and a massive list of new things to do is pretty extensive. However, there’s also a brand new secret mission to complete too.

Rockstar Games have sneakily hidden 54 playing cards across San Andreas for you to find.

Why? Because it’s Rockstar and they can do what they please after creating a game that can still get to the top of the UK games charts nearly 7 years after initially releasing.

Back to the story at hand. These playing cards might be hard to spot, since they look like part of the scenery, but when you approach them, they’ll glow slightly signalling that they can be picked up.

Straight off the bat, that’s, well, quite a daunting challenge. Thankfully the good people at have been working together tirelessly to locate them all. So a hat tip to them for the handy info.

Underneath you’ll find a map showing all 54 playing card locations. But better than that, we’ve also listed all 54 locations underneath too to make things even easier.

We’ll also explain what the point of collecting these playing cards is, because you’ll probably want to know that too. Good luck!

GTA Online Playing Cards Map

The above map shows the locations for all 54 GTA Online playing cards. We’d tell you to click the map to expand and get an even bigger one, but our site, it doesn’t know how to do that, unfortunately.

Why Should You Find ALL 54 Playing Cards?

We’re not going to lie, this particular job is a bit of a slog. So what is the point of locating all 54 of these GTA Online playing cards?

First and foremost you’ll earn extra RP and casino chips for each card you track down.

But, if you manage to find all 54 of them you’ll also unlock the very exclusive High Roller Outfit to wear. An outfit fit for a casino king if we ever saw on.

Better still, you’ll also earn a unique set of playing cards for your Penthouse suite Private Dealer to use at the table. They won’t make you anymore lucky, but at least they’ll look stylish.

According to GamesRadar, you’ll also earn a special item for use in Red Dead Online. However, at the time of writing, this bonus hasn’t been revealed yet, but will be later in the year.

All GTA Online Playing Card locations

Right, if the map doesn’t help, maybe the video above from the Rockstar Games experts at Rockstar Intel might?

Otherwise, we’ve also listed ALL 54 playing card locations below.

This is per the information shared by two GTA Forum Members (Gridl0k / Pvt.McKain) who compiled a Google Spreadsheet listing all locations for the cards as found by the community, shortly following the release of the new update.

All locations are found below the High Roller Costume image, just below.

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