How the casino was founded

The first devices used as slot machines were technically complex. Slots have come a long way from bans to the transition to online. Together with one of the leaders in the online casino market, let’s trace the evolution of devices from the ancient “one-armed bandit” to modern online casinos.

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The first poker machine

Before 1891, only machines where rotated roulette wheel with card symbols worked. The winnings depended on a combination of 52 cards. It was paid out at the bar in the form of alcoholic drinks or cigarettes. In New York, inventor Charles Fey invented the “Liberty Bell” slot machine. He reduced the slot to three reels and left only the symbols of card suits and added a horseshoe and Liberty Bell. The maximum winnings are three bells. The machine was a huge success. However, later authorities banned cash winnings, so the “era of fruit slot machines” began. Cards were replaced by fruit on the slots, and the prizes were gum or candy. USA casino online are market leaders.

The emergence of the one-armed bandit

At the beginning of the 20th century, slot machines from the Bell Fruit Company became commonplace in salons and stores. To start the game was to pull the lever, the drums rotate with the help of a spring. Gradually, these designs began to be called “one-armed bandits. Because the player had a deceptive feeling that he could affect the course of the game.

The machine with a video screen

With the advent of computers, the question of when to use them for a slot machine became a matter of time. But there was still a long way to go before online casinos. In 1976, there was a device with a 19-inch monitor. The first time such slot machines were installed was in Las Vegas. Soon, with the development of technology, such devices began to be modernized. In 1996, there was a slot machine that could switch to a second screen for a bonus game. Naturally, in such a game, the winnings were greater. By then, 70% of casino earnings were from slot machines.

Going online

In the mid-90s, the Internet became more accessible. The first online casinos appeared. Popular online casino and to this day. At first, they consisted of the classic games – roulette and blackjack. The style of the slots themselves was the same as that of regular slot machines: lucky and fruit symbols. Gradually other games appeared – for example, with five or more reels. Now games online with the possibility of winning the jackpot are widespread. To play the game does not need to go somewhere, any player with different experience of games can directly from your phone to rip the jackpot.

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The origin of the casino is quite difficult to date. Almost every culture has references to gambling establishments: gambling was played in ancient Greece and Rome, in the English Republic and Napoleonic France. Long before Christ, there were gambling establishments in China.

The first casino in Europe is considered to be the Ridotto, opened in 1638 in Venice. By government order, a gambling house was opened in the left wing of the church of Moses to control the gambling that took place during the great spring carnival. A strict dress code and high stakes were imposed at the Ridotto in order to limit the circle of players to members of the aristocracy. The casino, closed in 1774 under pressure from devotees of piety, was reopened in 1946 in the Vendramin Palace.

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